Poolside is currently developing its first collaboration, an instruction manual for understanding hand gestures.

Pub. #01: 4 Exercises for 1 Hand, Vanessa Periam

Coming Spring 2021

"4 exercises for 1 hand emerged from a desire for slow and inefficient communication (having studied on graphic design courses that encourage the opposite). Hand signals usually allow people to communicate a complex emotion quickly and clearly. I was thinking about how I could reapply a written language to hand signals in order to make them harder/slower to produceā€¦ almost render them useless. I was reminded of crochet and knitting patterns that often make a simple hand gesture over-complicated through text instructions and the lengthy amount of time that I have spent trying to understand them."

Artist: Vanessa likes measuring, collecting and repeating herself. Recently graduated from RCA Visual Communication programme, the work sits in between design, photography, performance and publishing.